Founded in 1949, Gustafson Manufacturing Company is proud to celebrate more than 60 years in business. The family owned company was established in Corpus Christi, Texas, where it continues its operations today under the direction of its first female president. Although originally founded as a manufacturer of agircultural equipment including dusters and sprayers, as well as tine wheels, the company currently manufactures and markets a variety of nationally known sports related products, including equipment for the golf driving range and athletic field line marking equipment.

The year, 1958, saw the introduction of the world's first and only "riding" athletic field line marker. The LINE KING's line stripers accomplish the task of field line marking by a variety of means -- cutting the line, dry line marking with athletic field line chalk or field line painting with athletic field paint. Various models fulfill some, or all, of these types of field line marking.

We continually strive to improve our product line, and over the years have made changes to our LINE KING products with the advent of new technologies, enhancing the field line marking capabilities of our line stripers. However, we have not strayed from our straightforward philosophy -- to keep our athletic field line markers simple to operate and easy to maintain. Our customers include universities, colleges, high schools, parks and recreational departments from all levels of government, local soccer associations and youth football leagues.

The LINE KING field line markers are economical to operate both in time and materials. Less effort and fewer manpower hours results in enhanced productivity in the maintenance of a variety of athletic fields -- football, soccer, track, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey and band practice fields. The use of the LINE KING field markers gives your field a professional appearance. This professional appearance might be just be the edge your athletes can use to instill the pride required for a more outstanding performance and create a winning season.