Frequently Asked Questions

Q. A man using a hand-push marker takes approximately one-half day to mark a football field. This does not include cutting a line into the turf. How long does it take to mark a field with a LINE KING?

A. The LINE KING can mark a football field in 45-90 minutes, depending on the operator. A band or football practice field can be marked in 35 minutes. A soccer field can be marked in 30 minutes.

Q. Are all stripers the same?

A. No! LINE KING is manufactured with quality construction from a patented, refined design. Accept no substitutes.

Q. A push-type gasoline edger takes about six hours to cut the lines on a football field. Can I cut a line in my field with a LINE KING?

A. The LINE KING cuts and chalks the line at the same time, thus saving four hours of cutting time. This equates to a savings of approximately eleven hours each time a field is cut and marked.

Q. Whats are the differences between athletic field paint and line marking chalk?

A. Both substances can be used to adequately mark an athletic field. It may be a good idea to check availability in your area.

Q. A field without lines cut in the grass takes about 400-600 lbs. of material to mark the football field. A smaller quantity does not show up, because it sifts into the grass. How much material does a LINE KING require to mark a field?

A. The LINE KING uses about 200 lbs. of material and still makes a clear white line.

Q. Some of the marked lines wear away during a football game and can not be followed to remark the field. A string guide is then required to make the new line straight. Is there a way to avoid using a string guide every time I mark my field?

A. Lines cut in the turf are hard to wear out. The LINE KING can easily follow these cut lines even though the marking material may have disappeared.

Q. Certain marking materials harden with moisture. If not disturbed after repeated marking, this line can build up ridges which can injure players. How can I avoid a situation such as this?

A. The LINE KING cutter can break up this cake each time the field is marked.

Q. How many fields can one LINE KING mark in a day?

A. The LINE KING can mark each field in under an hour. A drive on, self-leveling LINE KING trailer can help facilitate rapid transportation to six or more fields in a day.

Q. What maintenance does a field marking equipment require?

A. Some maintenance will be required. In addition to supplying the the marking material, you will need to occasionally repair and replace parts to keep your LINE KING in good working order. Gustafson manufacturing can supply most part needs.